With the business keeping us busy as usual and the summer really taking hold, we thought it was time for another team day out. This time we picked Pendennis Castle and Michael, Daisy, Adam, Pandora, Little Darcy and myself headed off to enjoy the Tudor castle in the sun.

We started the day off at a leisurely pace and enjoyed some coffee and nibbles in the morning at a cafe in the castle grounds. We sat and chatted while Darcy wandered around close by, concerning herself with some much needed weeding and picking of flowers.

Once we had finished our morning nibbles and chats we began to take a good look at the castle. Built by Henry VIII over 400 years ago, the structure itself is impressive and seemingly impenetrable to the casual observer. The castle has been updated and added to over the centuries but the main core of the building consists of granite, ashlar and rubble that stands relatively unchanged to this day and is certainly a testament to the buildings quality and design. The building has retained so much of it’s structural integrity that 400 years after its construction it played a key strategic role in the second world war.

As a firm of architects though, we couldn’t help but cast a constructive eye over the building. While we found few flaws, we had to wonder about lowest level of canon rooms that were designed to point at the internal walls of the structure. We have to assume that’s why this particular architectural feature was never used as planned. If only they had access to 3D modelling software in the post-medieval period!

After we had concluded our trip to Pendennis Castle we went to meet the newest member of our team, Michael’s new kitten Friday! From there it was on to satisfy our love of food at Olivers in Falmouth. We had a lovely meal and the eclectic menu had something for every palette, including a very special vegan dessert. We all ate well and Wendy provided us with fantastic service as always.