As architects, we don’t just think about literal elevators but metaphorical ones too. As actor Kevin Spacey says ‘If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.’

And what better way to do that than by inviting Final Year architecture students - Matthew Taylor, Despoina Bratitsi, Angus Turnbull, James Olley and Ben Champion - to collaborate with us on their Final Year project.

Here, Matt tells us what it was like:

We are a group of 3rd year architecture students studying at Plymouth University and, as part of our final year studies, we were required to liaise with and do research on a local firm and discuss relevant issues within the architectural community such as: the role of the architect, ethics, and costing. From this we were to produce a coherent “professional studies” document as a collaborative exercise to form a final coursework piece for our communications module.

In the process of our research we ran across Marraum Architects, a locally practising firm based in Penryn, Cornwall. Marraum present an ethic closely related to the client and were more than happy to meet with us. After a great series of discussions, we have gained a spectacular insight into the working architectural field from Marraum in their willingness to be open with us.

From our research and the help of Marraum team we have produced a final coordinated professional study document. This has been a brilliant personal experience for us, both learning about a local firm and also having the chance to discuss this in person with local, community-focused people.

Thanks, Matt, we’re glad you found the experience useful and we enjoyed having all of you with us.

As a different kind of architects in Cornwall, we relish the opportunity to team up with local skills and talent; we hope that this year’s student collaboration will be the first of many.

Whatever your space, we believe we can bring it to life for you. To see the innovative ways we blend the past and the future, the local and the international, where we work and where we live, visit us at here.

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