We’ve had a busy winter of work here at Marraum but now the nights are getting longer and the sun is getting higher, we decided to indulge in a bit of rest and relaxation at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.

The team met up, with partners and kids in tow, in the morning and we prepared ourselves for a pleasant day away from the office. Mounts Bay was looking lovely and the sun was high over the Mount as we fuelled up with a round of coffees and cakes in the sun.

Full up and feeling adventurous we set off around the gardens. We were warned that they were not so buggy friendly but we pushed on and began to work off the morning’s cakes with a brisk (and rather hilly!) stroll.

James Turrell’s ‘Skyspace’ was an unexpected treasure, hidden under the hill at the top of the valley. From the outside it seems sombre and temple-like but as you enter, it opens into a bright, light filled chamber. A hole in the ceiling frames the sky in and fills the interior space with natural light. The elliptical design and curved walls create a disorientating effect and with the movement of the clouds above, as viewed through the opening in the roof. The overall effect was breath-taking and the contrast between the interior and the exterior was memorable.

We all enjoyed the sculptural plants, lots of varieties of Agave’s including Echeveria, Dasylirion Wheeleri, Euphorbia and some huge Aeoniums. It seemed like they were still establishing some areas and developing new spaces for further garden expansions, so we’re excited to see how that has progressed by our next visit.

The sculptures were well placed and interesting and we all got a kick out of them. Darcy (Ed’s daughter) was especially captivated by Tim Shaw’s Minotaur and the whole gang spent a little too long playing around in David Nash’s Black Mound!

After we'd explored as much as we wanted to explore, we stopped in for some lunch and a chat. The café was bright and airy and a lovely spot to reflect on a pleasant day away from the office.