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Computer generated image of the outside of Skinners brewery Truro

A Commercial Cornish Powerhouse

Past, present and future: our heartstrings thrum to the beat of Cornish city life. So if you’re looking for an architect in Truro, you’re in the right place.


Many of our team, past and present, have lived and worked in Truro and the city holds a particularly special place in the hearts of our directors; it’s where they went to secondary school and first met one another. As a team we’ve helped to build, renovate and adapt many homes and business premises in Cornwall’s only city.

We designed the new outside bar and event area at Skinner’s Brewery as part of their crowdfunding campaign. Cranking the orientation of a new build design to maximise the views and light won the approval of our clients in Hamilton Close. And our full house renovation in Calenick smoothed out some awkward access and maximised the wonderful river views. 

We’re also currently working on number of projects in Truro, including a hip to gable extension and several full house renovations so watch this space for more updates and case studies coming soon.

Photo of a timber cladded dormer with views over the surrounding countryside


As Cornwall’s main administrative and commercial centre, the city of Truro has a long history, reflected in a wide range of architectural styles from medieval to modern.

The architecture of Truro’s residential streets shows a wide range of homes from different eras—from traditional cottages, to grand Georgian and Victorian townhouses, to contemporary homes. 

The Lemon Street and Old City Conservation areas are testament to Truro’s ongoing commitment to protecting its heritage buildings. 


Medieval and Tudor architecture

Although the architecture of Truro is constantly changing, there are elements of the urban landscape that date back as far as the medieval period. Parts of the parish church of St Mary date back to the 14th century and nearby buildings such as Restormel Castle and Tregothnan House are also of historic and architectural significance.


Georgian, Regency and Victorian architecture

Truro’s architectural development primarily took place during the Georgian and Victorian eras, when the city was both a key port and market town as well as the centre of lucrative tin and copper mining in the area. 

Wander down Lemon Street and you can’t helping struck by the elegant, symmetrical styling of townhouses and terraces built at this time for affluent mine owners, merchants and shipowners. Stuccoed facades, classical columns and wrought-iron balconies speak of a prosperous time for the city when residents would commission architects to design them grand houses that showcased their wealth.

Alverton Manor, originally built as a residential home and now a hotel, is a fine example of Regency architecture in Truro, as are the Assembly Rooms on High Cross, which originally served as a venue for social gatherings, dances and events. 

Truro Cathedral

The prominent spires of the Cathedral tower above most of Truro’s skyline. Built in the late 19th century from local granite and Bath stone, this relatively modern cathedral is an architectural landmark. It’s Gothic Revival styling is characterised by pointed arches, ribbed vaults and elaborate stonework. 


Art deco, 20th century and beyond…

Seek out the bold geometric patterns of the Plaza Cinema and the curved lines of Claremont House on Kenwyn Street for glimpses of the influence of the art deco period on the architecture of Truro.

The mid-20th century saw the completion of the current County Hall with the clean lines, large windows and concrete construction that are characteristic of this era of architecture. The building is now home to Cornwall’s largest theatre,  The Hall for Cornwall, which recently underwent a £26 million refurbishment and reopened in 2021.

Several new multi-purpose office spaces, such as Falcon House (home to the charity ShelterBox) bring modern styling to Truro’s architecture. Contemporary residential developments can also be found both on the outskirts and in the city centre. 

Ready to start your building project in Truro? Get in touch and let us help you create your story of space. 

Computer generated image of a renovation project in Truro. Large crisp white entrance with contemporary natural slate walls and roof.