Here is where your story of space begins – with a different kind of architects in Cornwall.

From the glimmer of an idea to the stroke of a pencil, the first turn of a door handle to the flickering of a smile across a face, at Märraum we bring more to your space – and take your story beyond its walls.

And we begin with you. Because at the heart of each architecture project – studio spaces, private loft conversions, commercial builds or building that dream home – are the people who use it.

They’re the yawns that stretch to eye-widening views in the morning. They’re the feet feeling cool concrete underfoot. They’re the eyes looking for inspiration at their desks. And the shoulders that hunker down in the evening. These are the people whose surroundings bring more to each and every experience.

With years of architecture and design experience in both Cornwall and further afield – paired with aesthetic drive, strong ethics and constant curiosity – we know how to make space work harder for you.

So from beginning, middle and end – discover how you can bring your own story of space to life.


Designing a house or workspace is about building on the best aspects of space and linking them together. And because this talent runs through our veins, the same had to be true of our name – weaving playfully together sounds and meaning to create something entirely new.

It starts with the Märchen, German folktales traded from one village to the next, kept alive and thriving by word of mouth. These living stories reflect how we put your story together. Through each step in this process, we’re adding another chapter to your tale, to give you a deeper level of experience. So wherever we build, whoever we build for, your space becomes part of a greater story. A story where location, surroundings and landscape become key characters within it – setting the stage for your own Märchen to play out.

Raum in German means ‘space’ – but for us, the name goes further than that. A building is much more than the walls around you, or the roof over your head. Space plays a vital part in the fabric of your day-to-day, and even the environment beyond it. We’re bridging these together, drawing out the best of space to create builds that mean more to you and the landscape around them.

As coincidence would have it, Mär also sounds like the German for sea, from which we gain inspiration everyday with our office right on the waterfront. And because it also echoes the German word for ‘more’, you can be sure that we’re elevating your experience at every turn.

The Story Of Space Original


Seeing more than what’s put before us. Giving space the respect it deserves. Making the very best of what we’ve got to work with. Our vision is always centered around how we can give more to the people that matter – our clients – while being conscious of the world around us.

From drawing to designing, engineering to enhancing all of the possibilities that a space opens up, at Märraum we’re building our business from layers of knowledge and an appetite for always being better. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and drives our clients’ projects – so that the outcome is always more than they were expecting.

With an eye on the detail, and a reputation for integrity grown through years of thoughtful and expansive projects, we're pushing a different way of working – where our clients are valued as much as their spaces. Where creative flair is measured with a realistic approach that drives the best of both.

Sharing our thinking and working with you so we can be as effective as possible. This is what makes working with Märraum architects distinctive; it’s what ensures every project has the opportunity to push its potential further. So you see the value in your space and the benefit of working with a flexible, energetic team that understands what a ‘living space’ really means.

our vision


With a waterfront office nestled in the sustainable development of Jubilee Warehouse, Penryn, inspiration is always close at hand.

As architects in Cornwall, we’re passionate about complimenting the best that our environment has to offer by bringing it into each and every build. From light-flooded attic spaces to balconies that break into the outdoors, work spaces floating on the water to an Atlantic wind-blasted outdoor art installation on the Isles of Scilly, you’ll see how we like to blur the lines between inside and out.

Marrying landscapes with culture and innovation, we’re always pushing the boundaries of contemporary architecture, with an energy that's seen us take our creativity international.

By combining elements of land, sea and sky, and using the best local craftspeople and materials we can lay our hands on, we’re making Cornwall the perfect place to awaken the possibilities of your space.

Who we are

Adam Laskey – Director, FdSc Sustainable Construction, Architectural Designer and Technician

“You know the person who went the extra mile with Design & Technology projects at school? Well, that was me. Making things, designing them from start to finish, that’s what made me tick.

And it’s been the same ever since, from designing customised mountain bikes and cruise riders at college to mastering CAD programmes in my own free time over ten years ago – all the way up to earning my architectural credentials.
Since then, I’ve travelled the world, camping in the Amazon, rehabilitating endangered gibbons, and experiencing the slums of Mumbai and Rio – where I learnt to appreciate the social side of architecture.

I’m deeply influenced by great design. Design that's not only aesthetically pleasing, but also considers the way a building is used. I really respect architects who think how people move through a building – combining logic and reason. Where not an inch of space is wasted. That's far better than fitting a house to the rafters with technology. Finding a better use of space and the value it can bring? Now that’s sustainable architecture.”

Adam Laskey

Daisy Sawle – Director

“It all started with a felt tip pen and a cardboard box, which became a tortoise shell, which became a space rocket and then became a house with a kitchen. Even at this early age, it seemed my future was set out in brushstrokes and imagination carefully placed onto paper.

Designing, creating and making has always been my passion. So my busy hands and active mind led me to move to London as soon as I could to study a degree in Fine Art. I never dreamed that the lines on the page would one day draw real-life buildings on a grand scale.

I take learnings from artists who have got something to say – like Victor Grippo and Gustav Metzger – who make a clever point of defining it through their work. In fact I find the worlds of art and architecture constantly overlap.

Because I’m such a good list-maker and all-round organiser, I’m really putting all of my skills to work at Märraum. Making sure that we can be as efficient as possible, improving our systems, managing our client relationships, researching projects and lending my hands to each part of the design process. Part of my job is to keep everyone on track timing-wise, but no matter what the others say, I’m not bossy. Honestly!”

Daisy Sawle

Mina Booth – Office Manager

"I joined Märraum because I genuinely get a kick out of making other people’s lives easier, and have an obsessive desire to make sure things are run and organised professionally.

My journey to here has been eclectic. For many years I was involved in event management for multi-national corporations. At one point I managed one of Yorkshire’s premier golf courses - without ever actually being able to play!

I also love adventure, whether riding pillion on my husbands motorbike or extensive worldwide travel. On a ‘recent’ birthday (I’m not sure I want everyone to know my age!) I walked the stunning Inca trail in Peru, a truly inspirational trip.

Great design has been a life long passion, even if I’m not always able to fund my own ideas. The same can be said of my love of shoes and handbags...

I may well be your first point of contact at Märraum so I look forward to meeting you and helping to ensure that your project is perfectly organised."

Mina Booth

Nick Cattaneo, Senior Architectural Technician

“For me, it’s all about the detail, be it on a modern contemporary building, a historic building or the lines of an Italian sports car. For almost 40 years now, I’ve been working in architecture – from large multi-disciplinary architectural offices, to small specialist practices, applying my technical skills to everything from prestigious listed buildings, to bespoke housing, barn conversions to commercial and industrial projects.

I love surveying a building, working out how it was built and how it may have evolved, from first stepping into a property right through to pressing the print button on the final drawing, it gives me a buzz.
Now I’m working as part of the Märraum team, applying my hand to measured building surveys, detailed technical drawings and everything in-between. Being part of the team is really exciting, especially the way technology has been embraced – it’s a really progressive company.

Outside of work you’ll usually find me on, in or by the ocean, it’s my playground. I love the Cornish coast, stand-up paddleboard racing, surfing and exploring. I’m also a self-confessed petrol head and a dedicated family man.”

Nick Cattaneo

Oliver Kellett – Architectural Technician, BA Hons Illustration

“Perspective, space, light, shadow, colour and form, I’ve always been interested in how these elements affect us humans. So, considering each of them when transforming a space from a bland building into something more exciting is a real challenge.

From a young age I was always drawing and painting people and places from life, and enjoyed intricate design and detail. I studied a degree in illustration at Falmouth University, and after looked for a hands-on practical job. This lead me to labouring, which taught me how buildings were constructed from the ground up. I then returned to college to complete my qualifications in carpentry and joinery and served an apprenticeship.

Now at Märraum, I’m learning a new 3D architectural software – to draw up plans for buildings – it’s a great way to visualise a space. I love the way the industry is evolving with the influence of technology like VR and laser scanners for surveys –it’s really exciting.

Beyond architecture, I love to travel. I’ve hitchhiked from the UK to Tajikistan overland, and Chile to Colombia. Whilst the landscapes are incredible and each country has its own uniqueness, it’s the characters, kindness and generosity of people that’s the interesting bit – it’s something money can’t buy.”

Oliver Kellett

Julian J Mills – Design Director, Chartered Architect, BA (Hons) Prof Dip, RIBA, ARB, Passivhaus Certified Designer

“Sustainability within the built environment has been the driver for how I have looked to carve my architectural career. From the start of my Part 1 I have sought to understand both the ecological and technical approaches to environmentally conscious buildings.

Studying at the Centre of Alternative Technologies, working for award winning sustainable practices and completing my certification in Passivhaus are but a few of the steps I have taken to hone in my skills. I have also undertaken a range of courses from Strawbale building to Rammed earth construction, as I feel having hands on experience in how these processes work is key to designing better buildings (it’s also a lot of fun getting your hands dirty now and again!)

Modern art and architecture has a big influence in the way I design and this plays into creating interesting conceptual work following through into realised buildings. Living close to St Ives is wonderful for a burst of culture and working in Jubilee Warehouse is a daily reminder of how this blend of culture, life, work and art actually works.

Like the rest of the team, I am a lover of the outdoors and this keeps my well-being level high. A work life balance is key to enjoying life and keeping things fresh. A few things that help me are cycling to work, surfing in the depths of winter, hiking in the Lake District or camping in the VW with my partner and our two spaniels.”

Julian J Mills – Design Director, Chartered Architect, BA (Hons) Prof Dip, RIBA, ARB, Passivhaus Certified Designer