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Here's where we try answering some of your most frequently asked questions

Why do I need an architect?

Does your space work for you? Do you get a sense that you need to add more or switch things around? That’s where an architect comes in. 

Starting with you and your space, we consider how you use your home as well as how you want to grow with it. Then we’ll suggest a solution for a future home you can be proud of. A space that works. And we might even surprise you with a solution no one else has thought of.

We can help with the whole process from the initial survey through to your project’s completion. At the design stage we’ll walk you right into your new home before anything is built using the latest virtual reality (VR) technology. We can also handle things like planning permission and project management, creating you a space where you truly feel at home.

Where in the UK are you based?

Our offices are in a repurposed waterside warehouse in Penryn, Cornwall. Being by the river lends inspiration from nature to create sustainable spaces. And working from a repurposed heritage building means the idea of improvement and redevelopment is never far away.

What’s your process for a new project?

Every project is different. Whatever stage you’re at, and however big or small your plans, we’re here to help you get the most from your space. 

First of all we want to hear your story. When you first contact us it’s helpful if you can give us as much detail as possible.

One of the team will be in touch to have an initial chat and following this we’ll have a zoom or in office meeting to really get to know you and unpick your brief. Here we’ll also talk budget, timeframes and costs.

Next, we’ll take all that information, along with some measurements, and create a design that works for you. This is where the fun begins…

Now we’ll take that design off the page and walk you round using the latest VR software. So you can experience the height of the ceilings. See where the sun comes in. And understand every corner of your new home before anything is built. 

Once you’re happy we’ll start the planning process, gathering information and submitting your application. 

Then it’s time to make all those ideas reality by commissioning builders and contractors and getting the work done. Regular site visits mean we can keep a check that everything is running smoothly. 

Find out more about our process.

What happens at the initial consultation?

Your free initial consultation with Marraum is where well go over what you want and how we can help.

Introduce us to your space. Let us in on what you want to achieve. Share your ideas, your wants and your needs.  At this point everything is flexible and nothing is off the table. Dare to dream.

Well get to know each other in this meeting too – and youll get a feel for our creative process. Well explore how we can kindle a new sense of purpose for your property and make it work for you.

Do you do commercial architecture?

Yes – some of our most successful projects have been for commercial clients, such as this eco school building. Whatever your needs, wed love to sit down and chat about how we can bring your space to life.

Do you do extensions?

Of course. We do whatever’s needed to give you the most from your space, within your budget. If that means adding an extension, digging down or going up that’s what we’ll do. Nothing is off the table, unless we know it’s unlikely to get planning approval.

Can you help with planning permission?

Yes, that’s part of our service. The planning process governs what you can and can’t do when it comes to new builds, big alterations and protecting the local environment and heritage.  Using our knowledge of what gets approved and what doesn’t, we’ll have the conversations, tweak the designs and fill in the forms to give your project the best chance of getting approval. 

Find out more about how the planning process works and how we work for you to make your build happen.

Do architects do interior design?

Yes. The inside of your building, how it looks and how it works for you, is as important as the outside. And as well as creating you a beautiful space, we can also help make it smarter and more sustainable by boosting natural light, reducing energy consumption and even suggesting different materials that are kinder to the environment. 

Find out more about how an architect can transform the interior of your home.

How much does an architect cost?

This varies greatly depending on the amount of work that’s needed. It’s also different from architect to architect. We may not be the cheapest quote you’ll see upfront, but we find that we save clients money throughout the process. How? We use the latest VR technology to show you your space, making sure it works before you even start the build. This has shown up so many things we’ve been able to change to meet individual client’s needs. We’ll also save you money by being smart and thorough about your design, your build and the way they link together.

At Marraum, your initial consultation is free and during this we’ll listen to what you need and give you an initial idea of total project costs. We’ll then provide a full breakdown of our fees for the different stages of the process.

Read our blog for more information on how architects fees are calculated.

What is CAD architecture?

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. In a nutshell it takes what would have once been down on paper and puts it on a computer.

Plans can be created in both 2D and 3D, all perfectly scaled. There’s less margin for error with CAD design and it’s much easier to make quick amends and change specifications than it once was on the drawing board. 

Keen to discover more? Read our beginner’s guide to CAD architecture.

What is VR architecture?

At Marraum, we use Virtual Reality (VR) for every project we work on. The virtual spaces we create with our CAD software can be turned into interactive spaces that you can walk around using our VR headset. 

Youll be able to stand in a space that hasnt even been built yet, giving you a detailed understanding of how it looks and feels. VR enables you to see how your green tiles look next to your brass taps, get a feel for room sizes and ceiling heights and even see how the light falls at different times of day.

For more information, read our blog on how Virtual Reality can transform architecture.