Type: New build - education

Location: Brannel School, Cornwall

Status: Complete

Collaboration: Samuel Winn

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An Eco Education

Marraum’s sustainable ethos aligned perfectly with Brannel School’s commitment to the environment when creating a partnership to bring to life this truly unique build. The school wanted to create a new learning facility dedicated to bridging the gap for pupils in the understanding of cultivation and the environment around them.


The project needed to incorporate these elements and provide an engaging surrounding that was like no other classroom. With collaboration from other consultants including structural engineers, mechanical engineers and contractors, the project has moved forwards and, despite restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic, the final design iteration is expected to go ahead this Summer.


The project has been a joy for the Marraum team to work on – and our initial estimates coming in on target was a momentous day for all parties! We’re excited to watch construction begin over the next few months and to see this challenging vision realised in the Eco Patch.