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Marraum Architects17-Oct-2023 22:31:162 min read


Here at Marraum, we understand that school buildings are a vital part of a pupil’s learning journey, and make up an essential role in the ecosystem of education. But what considerations should educational organisations make before beginning their next project? We examine some key factors in designing architecture for schools:

Design that strikes inspiration

Schools are the homes of tomorrow’s brightest minds – and they need a space that can allow creativity to flourish. Vibrant, exciting, airy rooms give inspiration to new ideas, and turn the learning environment into a space filled with opportunities.


Building for longevity

Budgets and spending restrictions are always a concern for school administrations. Creating a cost-effective design and adhering closely to budget are essential when undertaking a project. Many educational organisations simply cannot afford for unexpected builds to arise mid-project - making planning with an experienced architect an essential part of the pre-construction phase.


Sustainable architecture design

Organisations around the world are responsible for a shift towards eco-conscious processes and actions. The education sector needs to show the same commitment to those values, and so a push towards green architecture and sustainable design should be at the centre of any building expansion and renovation plans. Ensure that design is mindful of the future and leaves only a positive impact on the environment. Green, open spaces not only maintain the local ecosystem, but also promote pupil health and wellbeing, whilst energy-efficient construction methods and materials can save schools huge amounts of money in long-term running costs.


Märraum Architects_The Eco Patch_Planters Render

Learning through the environment

Take learning to the next level with architecture designed to bridge the gap between pupils’ understanding and the environment around them. Marraum worked with Brannel School to create a unique build that supported the facility’s new environmental courses. Incorporating greenery and elements of cultivation, the bespoke space (nick named ‘the Eco Patch’) gives students an engaging space to learn and realise their visions. Learn more about the space, here.


Disruption to learning

Ongoing building works within a learning environment can have a huge disruption on pupils’ curriculum. With projects often stretching over months, and sometimes years, planning around key educational dates is an important consideration. Schools can split their project into smaller, self-contained, development phases to minimise the impact and adverse effects that constructions works can have on their students.


Trust your next project with an experienced architectural team

If your school or business is looking to expand, then Marraum can help bring your new space to life! Our team is well-versed in creating beautiful, functional buildings that will help fulfil your vision. Get in touch today to find out more


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