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Marraum Architects18-Jun-2020 13:30:482 min read

5 Ways to Make Your Architectural Design Sustainable | Blog | Marraum

With sustainability now at the forefront of the architectural world, sustainable architecture design is a sought-after feature in all aspects of planning.

An experienced architect can harness sustainable design as a powerful tool to make conscious, eco-friendly decisions that will create a sustainable system once a project is brought to life. This allows them to create a building their clients will love and gives them an attachment to a building they’ll look after, work with and others will enjoy – a building that will stand the test of time.

If you’re passionate about ensuring that your project doesn’t compromise the future, then see five of our top features to incorporate into your next design:


1. Invest in thermal performance

Energy efficiency is a key part of sustainability, and buildings that aren’t designed with this in mind are not only damaging the planet - they’re also expensive to sustain for the future. Money is best spent increasing your building's thermal performance by adopting a fabric-first approach to building design. Making sure that the building is airtight also means the energy you put into the house doesn’t seep out.


2. Maximise natural lighting

Using natural lighting is an efficient way to reduce the need for both electricity and heating within your property. Solar gain can heat your home and sunlight has also been shown to have a number of health benefits, including increased vitamin D and helping homeowners get a good night's sleep. Maximising the natural lighting available through the incorporation of windows and open spaces can also create a powerful focal feature in your design.


3. Use eco-friendly materials

The construction industry has a history of impacting heavily on natural resources. Sustainable architecture aims to offset this by using eco-friendly building materials in their construction plans, sourced ethically. Materials such as bamboo, which regenerates at an extremely high rate, or reclaimed wood, reduce the burden on both finding virgin materials and the production of waste.Concept sketch Welfare


4. Reduce and retain energy consumption

From rainwater harvesting and solar power harnessing, to strategic wind energy systems and MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat recovery) systems for heat recovery, renewable energy sources are the perfect way to make your building eco-friendly and self-sufficient where possible.


5. Connect with nature

Bring the outdoors in, consider the surrounding environment and take inspiration from it in your designs. Using green spaces in your designs such as a botanical garden, green roof or a moss wall, can create beautiful stand-out features whilst contributing positively to the environment. Trees and greenery produce higher-quality, cleaner air and can act as a rich habitat for wildlife. Utilising green spaces also has a powerful impact on the mental wellbeing of residents, making it an important factor in designs of all sizes.


See our projects for examples of designs we've produced that follow the above criteria.


Make your home's architectural design more sustainable with Marraum

At Marraum, sustainability is an important part of our culture and we’re passionate about producing eco-friendly designs that will benefit your project, just take a look at our projects to see how we've incorporated the above criteria. Find out more about what we can offer and learn more about our mantra for sustainable design, here.


Got a project you’re ready to start? Let’s talk architecture, here.



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