The Process - Construction

Making it real

Once your planning application has been approved and you’ve cracked open the Champagne, it’s time for us to draw up your building regulations. These are both a standard legal requirement and there to make sure your build is safe enough to stand the test of time.


Building a team

Depending on the scale and project management of your build, we can prepare forms of tender for contractors, source quotes and make sure we get the right people on board to make your project fly. With regular site visits, meeting everyone and making sure they share your vision, we’re there for you if anything crops up.

Once your contractors have been commissioned and the work has begun, it’s time to see your vision take shape.

Whether it’s guiding the way through your build, project managing the whole thing, or you taking the reigns, Märraum is always open to different ways of working.

Take a look at some present and past projects the Märraum team has been busy working on.