Relocating from London to Falmouth to follow their dream of seaside living, Emma-Jane and Nick had found themselves in a structural nightmare. Lending our ears and architectural expertise, we stepped in to get the build back on track. And gave them the home that fitted their original vision.

“We are proud of the space that has been created, particularly the new living room with views and double height ceilings. It is a dry, habitable space and a high quality family home.”

The Brief

Settled amongst a terrace of houses, overlooking Falmouth’s famous harbour, this multi-occupancy, three-story building had a long way to go to become the family home our clients longed for. They wanted four bedrooms, a living area, kitchen, dining room and a first-floor living space for drinking in the views. This was going to be a challenge, given the ramshackle state the building was in – but we do love a challenge.

The Interpretation

Behind all the crumbling plaster and fake walls, things didn’t look good. The roof was OK, but the floors and supporting lintels all needed work. Revealing the true extent of the problem meant we could give a more informed idea about the costs and avoid expensive surprises down the line. Luckily we had Kieron and his team at Shepherd Contracting working tirelessly to make sure the standard was high and the structural elements were dealt with.

Then it was finally time to get our teeth into the design work. We put our heads together to discover the best ways to tie in the new floor plans with the new floor construction and layout with the new lintels. Refining the inside spaces, by moving the staircase from the middle of the building to the front and fitting double height ceilings, lent us the room to create the spacious home our clients wanted.

The Outcome