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Marraum Architects24-Mar-2020 22:32:202 min read


Building projects and refurbishments can be complex and challenging, with many unforeseen obstacles and issues arising throughout the process. An architect can be a valuable investment, with the experienced specialists helping you bring your vision to life through their unique skill-set and input.

If you’re thinking about starting a new building project or renovation for your business then see some of our top reasons for investing in professional architecture services:

1. Find creative ways to utilise and enlarge your space

As businesses expand, many move into new premises thinking that they’ve outgrown their current headquarters. These bigger spaces can be costly, and the upheaval can have a huge impact on business productivity.

What these organisations don’t realise is that many spaces aren’t fulfilling their current potential. Buildings can be renovated, redesigned and adapted to maximise usable areas and create functional, practical spaces that can easily accommodate your growing company. An architect will work closely with your internal team to explore your needs for the space, before discovering unique solutions that will transform and maximise your buildings opportunities.

2. Make your business more sustainable (and cost-effective)

Sustainable design can have a huge long-term impact on your bottom line. Making a business more energy-efficient will save you a lot of costs further down the line. An experienced architect will be able to utilise your space with sustainable design solutions, including maximising natural lighting, allowing you to rely less on heating and electric bills, and enhancing indoor environmental quality - producing a space that will encourage a more productive output from your team’s resources.

3. Impress clients, external stakeholders and attract employees

An architect’s creative flair allows them to bring to life their innovative design visions that will make your brand stand out. Beautiful design is reflected in your business’ reputation and perception from external stakeholders. Architects don’t just design buildings - they curate stunning spaces that will attract employees and impress clients, partners and key stakeholders alike.

4. Remove all project friction and hassle

Building and renovation work is a time-exhaustive process, which is why an architect can be invaluable to your business. Whether you have a raw idea or plans that are already in motion, an experienced architect can handle all aspects of your project, taking you from initial concept through to realisation.

With the benefit of 3D architecture CAD technology that allows you to experience your space before it’s even built, an architect will be able to provide you with complete confidence in your project and deliver tangible assets that you need to get vital buy-in from key stakeholders.

5. Professional interior architecture that stands out

Architecture isn’t just four walls - it’s also the interior features and design that brings personality to your space. Whilst your business may only be looking to redecorate initially, there are a huge number of benefits to bringing a professional architect onboard to the project. They can look at the technical aspects of the project and balance your design with a scientific input that will help you get the most from your space’s potential.

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