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Photo of the front of a new build house completed in St Mawes, Cornwall
Marraum Architects23-Sep-2021 15:11:002 min read


With Cornwall’s competitive housing market in recent months presenting something of a challenge to prospective homeowners, building an entirely new home has become an increasingly attractive option.

New builds in the county present the opportunity for greater control over the features and layout of your property. With that in mind, here are 6 factors to consider when planning the development of a new build.


1. Finding a plot in an ideal location

It’s advisable that you do extensive research when choosing a plot of land for your new build. Pricing will vary not only by size but also based on location.

Access is an often overlooked factor but is nonetheless vital. When constructing new builds, easy access to the site for your workforce and plant machinery is crucial for working within your timeframe and budget.


2. How long will the new build take?

Speaking of time, your timetable for the build should be as realistic as possible. It’s generally best to be conservative with your estimates and allow for unforeseen hitches that could add further jobs. A professional architect can advise you on how long the build might take according to your plans.


3. What will it cost?

Again, being realistic with your budget is vital for ensuring a smooth building process. Running out of money before the job is done can throw a spanner in the works, so to speak, so stay on top of your budget and allow for some flexibility should unforeseen costs crop up.

Material prices have seen an average 30% increase in recent months so now, more than ever, it is key to plan your budget, allowing for a contingency.


4. Consider modern, sustainable design features

The most exciting aspect of a new build is the potential for a bespoke, one-of-a-kind design. Incorporating sustainable design practices - including eco-friendly materials and features that maximise wellbeing - is a great way of futureproofing your new home and improving your quality of life.

Enhancing your wellbeing – and that of the landscape around you – should never be an afterthought.


5. Getting your planning permission and building warranty in order

These technical considerations may not be as enjoyable to think about, but they’re just as important as fashioning an elegant design. This is another area in which your architect can support you, with expert help in completing your planning application. Find out more on our Services page.

For more information, read our blog on 4 top tips to strengthen your planning application.


6. Enlist an architect experienced with new builds in Cornwall

An experienced architect is indispensable on your new build journey. From helpful advice to assistance with planning applications, and from designing your new home to overseeing the final coat of paint – architects are there to guide the journey with you and your project.

At Marraum, we’ve helped many new build clients bring their story of space to life. We use VR technology to present new build designs in a modern and interactive way, placing you at the heart of design considerations.

Contact us today for more information and to book an initial consultation with one of our team.



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