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Marraum Architects18-Feb-2021 12:44:001 min read


Commercial renovations can transform huge, industrial spaces into working business premises – but they don’t have to be bland or boring. Inspiring surroundings can spark creative ideas. For many businesses, renovating a commercial space brings the opportunity to help them achieve their goals, grow their organisation and innovate their processes.

Breathe new life into your commercial space with a renovation – and make sure you don’t lose your brand values during the process. Find out how to apply a personal touch to the designs of your commercial renovation, here:


Design spaces that work for you

Every business is different, and your unique space should reflect that. From open plan communal offices and collaborative breakout areas, to creativity-inspiring views and light, airy spaces, make sure that your transformed space is one that works for you. A renovation is the chance to create something from scratch, so make sure that you understand what you want your space to achieve before you put pen to paper.


Make the most of natural features

A renovation doesn’t mean that you have to abandon everything from the past. Keep the old with the new by preserving some of your building’s most treasured features, or even enhancing them into focal points of your new space. Exposed timber beams and brick walls, and huge industrial windows are just some of the stunning features that are commonly found in commercial buildings – and preserving them allows you to keep the unique character of your space.


Live your values through your space

Does your company have a sustainable ethos? Create a green, healthy space that shows your commitment to the environment. Does your business run with modern, sleek operations? Design a minimalist space that focuses on efficiency. Are you an interrupter brand that wants to stand out in the market? Go with bold, vibrant designs that will set you apart. Create a personal space that reflects your brand’s individual values, and helps communicate your mission to customers and external stakeholders.


Get started with your commercial renovation today

Create a space that grows your business, and allows inspiration to flow within its walls. At Marraum, our team can help you bring your vision to life. No matter how big your project, we can create a solution that’s centred around your business. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.


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