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Marraum office Cornwall
Adam Laskey26-Mar-2018 10:40:00< 1 min read


The last six months have seen unprecedented change at Marraum. Different outlooks, approaches and ambitions for the business have led to a reshaping of the team. It’s been tough, and navigating unchartered territory has brought with it all sorts of challenges. But with those challenges, we’ve discovered lessons we can learn from and new paths to take. As a result, we’ve emerged stronger and more committed to our vision than ever before.

Marraum architects office Cornwall

Through it all, our belief in the principles that make Marraum, Marraum, have stayed the same. Openness, honesty and most importantly integrity will always be the key to how we work.

For us, successful architecture projects are built from our relationships up. With our clients. With our suppliers. And with our team members. It’s how we really uncover the heart of your story and ensure it shapes your space, from the first pencil stroke, to the final fitting.


Marraum architects vision

Nurturing those relationships guides our decisions, gives us focus and has shown us the best way forward – to a 2018 that looks brighter than ever.

We look forward to working with you this year and setting our course for exciting new horizons, together.


Adam Laskey

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