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Marraum Architects26-Jan-2018 15:19:001 min read


Marraum's combined love of food guided us on this team day, which took us into Falmouth and into the kitchen of The Ope to learn about Korean food.

We also had time to have a go ourselves. We started with making Kimchi, which is a great way to preserve food — a strong flavour and definitely one to try. After this we had a go at traditional Korean dumplings, which were a hit for everyone. 


Marraum dumplings


Once we had all had a go we were served the real deal. 

Chilli, kelp bugak* and noroongji* with teriyaki or chilli dipping sauce

Dumplings - kimchi and glass noodle or pork and spring onion

Ssam* - pork or tofu, served with ssam paste, dried mouli, spring onion salad, wraps

Natto stew – traditional stew of fermented soy beans

Soy grit and squash pancake – with dipping sauce

Sides  – braised fern, cavelo nero kimchi, steamed rice

Served with cold soju* (normally consumed in shots with mouthfuls of food)

Kimchi – traditional Korean side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables

Bugak – deep fried dried vegetables or seaweed

Noroongji – is the thin crust of slightly browned rice

Ssam – leafy vegetable used to wrap a filling

Soju – clear rice wine, aka baby vodka, 14%


Korean Food


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