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Virtual Reality Demonstration by Marraum Architects
Marraum Architects15-Jun-2019 19:38:191 min read


At Marraum, we believe in pushing boundaries to ensure the very best end result for our clients. We’re committed to designing and creating compelling spaces that really connect with and work for the people using them everyday.

Now we’re inviting you to experience how we use VR technology to ensure the buildings we design have people’s comfort, health and wellbeing at their heart.

Shows like the BBC’s Your Home Made Perfect have recently brought the use of Virtual Reality in house design to a wider audience. From planning a new build to extending or renovating your home, VR lets you walk around, experiencing your new home before building begins.

Marraum use this technology as part of the process on every project we design. As part of this process, we invite every client into their new home using Virtual Reality technology; allowing them to walk around and identify any issues before a brick is laid.

Join us on Thursday 25thJuly in our offices at Jubilee Warehouse in Penryn (TR10 8AE) from 4-7pm for a FREE introduction to the technology and how it could help you to get more from your home and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

VR Architecture Walkthrough


Take a closer look

During the session you’ll:

  • Discover how we use BIMx software and immersive VR technology to design new homes and offices.
  • Trial our VR environment by walking around some of the spaces we’ve designed in 3D, including our Virtual Architectural Showroom 
  • Experience how we’re able to use these to improve client comfort and wellbeing.
  • Meet our design and architectural team to chat about the specific projects where immersive technology has made a real difference.




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