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By Marraum Architects on January, 14 2019

Are you embarking on a project and eager to find out more? Or are you interested in becoming an architect yourself? We can help.

 Finding an Architect


Architects can create amazing functional spaces that work for an individual, enriching not only their lives, but those of their family and friends as well. They can guide you through daunting processes by careful planning and scheduling, making sure you are in a safe pair of hands. And whether you're looking to become an architect, or looking to employ one for the first time, there are probably many things you're keen to find out. Our aim is to answer some of your questions about the role of the architect.


Questions you may be asking

  1. Do I need an architect?
  2. How to find an architect
  3. How to become an architect

Do I need an architect?

Architects are highly trained and generally great at seeing the grand scheme, with an additional flair for creativity. Helping you to see your vision more clearly and making it happen is their job role. But do you need one?

There are some important questions to answer which will help you to decide if employing an architect is the right route for you.

Explore whether you need an architect


How to find an architect

Where do you start? If you've never used an architect before how do you go about finding one and, more importantly, finding the right one?

Carrying out research to find an architect will ultimately create a shortlist of companies you think will be a good fit.  Many architect practices offer a free consultation, be it on site or in an office, so take advantage of this. Can you see yourself working with them for the next twelve months? They may give you ideas that you may not have previously considered.  They can explain the whole process and fill in the gabs of your research before making your final decision.

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How to become an architect

The shortest time it can take to become a qualified architect is 7 years. So it's quite a commitment. But the rigorous training process means that by the end of it you'll be ready to provide your services to clients.

The educational journey to becoming an Architect, as the RIBA put it, 'probably combine inspiration, perspiration, frustration and elation in equal amounts’. It is an industry that has a place for many people from many walks of life.

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