Type: Full house renovation

Location: Falmouth, Cornwall

Status: Complete

Collaboration: Shepherd Contracting Ltd

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when old meets new


For all this original property possessed in size, it lacked in character – something our clients desperately wanted to remedy. Using the space to work and live, it was important that the space we created for them was both functional and inspiring.


Nick and Pauline wanted to be enamoured by their Falmouth home again, so we were brought on board to make it happen.

Situated in a conservation area, we had to be smart with our proposed designs to make sure we could include everything that our clients needed, while remaining sensitive to the neighbouring wildlife and environment.



Liaising closely with the clients to understand how they’d use the space, we changed the layout and design of this tired property drastically, providing the blue print for a striking structure. Throughout the design process, the couple embraced our VR technology, which allowed them to see parts of the build before they happened, from right here in our office.

Our designs set out to upgrade the existing property’s features by providing more space, light, character and usability to this large residential home. Collaborating with Shepherd Contracting, we pre-empted any difficulties we might run into, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.



Remodeled and renewed, this build was lightyears from the property we first visited last year. With a new floor, a new layout, a new kitchen, and a brand new balcony for drinking in the sea views; it’s a truly remarkable building.

But the pièce de résistance is the sliding glass wall, which opens to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living. Together these elements have led to some very content clients, who can’t wait to start using the space.