The day Märraum directors Daisy and Adam moved into their new home, they sat in the master bedroom window in awe at the sunrise rippling over the Roseland waters. Having been in two minds about the property, this moment cemented their choice as the right one. Everything else about the house, however, left quite a lot to be desired.

The Brief

The Interpretation

An exposed courtyard, which connected the main house to the rear building (an old sail loft), was begging for more purpose. So Adam and Daisy developed plans to incorporate the neglected space into the main house, by means of a new roof and an impressive LED-lit roof lantern linking it to the rear building. This, in turn, was transformed into a living room and rear garden with further views of the water. And, of course, they found the space for a cocktail bar too!

As sticklers for usable and beautiful spaces, no place was more important than the kitchen – so finding the perfect kitchen designer, able to translate their needs, was imperative. Colin at CK Kitchens was able to improve upon their initial thoughts - creating a hardwearing, clever and simple space that reflects the couples’ obsessive architectural passion.

The Outcome

Using the central living area as a multi-purpose work/live/parent space has proved to be a huge success, and waking up to those sunset morning views in their master suite still puts a big smile on their faces.