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Marraum Architects28-May-2021 14:20:452 min read


With the need for remote working, home offices have taken on a whole new meaning. Increasing the footprint of your home, and giving yourself a dedicated working space, not only allows people to improve productivity but also lets remote workers establish a clear boundary between the home and office.

With years of architecture and design experience, our team can bring your home office vision to life. 

Endless possibilities for small and big spaces alike

Home offices come in all shapes and sizes. An extension can bring clarity and organisation to your workspace, but even the smallest yet perfectly formed spaces unlocks a host of possibilities for your home. Whatever your project, we can craft a unique solution that suits your vision.  Find out how a small extension can make a big difference, here.


Clean, bright minimal spaces

Bright, minimalistic spaces are perfect for helping your mind remain focussed and free from clutter as you work. Our contemporary projects use modern design trends, maximising natural lighting,  creating a spacious and airy feel to your room.


Bringing the outdoors in

A home office is a chance to escape the bustle of the home to focus, and seamlessly integrating your design with the natural outdoors is perfect for this. Whether your home office is an extension to your property, or a separate annex building nestled in your garden, you can create a space that lets the outdoors in. Natural materials to compliment the landscape,  windows to maximise scenic views and green interior design solutions will ensure that your home office blends perfectly with the natural beauty surrounding it.

Designing a studio for work and relaxation

Your home office doesn’t just have to be for work; it can also make the perfect retreat from daily life. A workout studio, reading cosy or entertainment room – there’s no limit to the possibilities. Make your space work harder for you, by combining its functions to create a room that suits your exact requirements.


Get inspired with VR architecture

Using cutting-edge virtual reality as the standard for every project, Marraum can transport you into the heart of a design – helping you feel inspired and confident in creating the ultimate space for your office. Get more from your home office, and achieve the life you want, with virtual reality architecture.


Get home office inspiration from our experts today

Are you looking to create a space that blends work and home-living seamlessly? Our team can put your vision to paper, helping bring it to life with inspired design solutions. Get in touch today to find out more.


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