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Marraum Architects21-Jan-2021 11:51:001 min read


Cornwall’s stunning architecture dates back hundreds of years and green architecture processes are more important than ever in the region to preserve the natural landscape that generations have enjoyed. Today, architects need to consider the impact that their designs are having on the surrounding environment, and make steps to offset this. 

Find out some of the ways contemporary architecture is helping to preserve Cornwall’s rich and beautiful environment, here:

Preserving areas of natural beauty

Cornwall is filled with Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and it’s important that construction work compliments and respects these protected areas. Green architects in Cornwall have been working to design eco-friendly solutions that will help develop infrastructure whilst preserving the stunning beauty of the local environment. These eco-conscious buildings ensure that Cornwall’s areas of outstanding natural beauty will be treasured for years to come.


Raising awareness through architecture

An exciting new project, Brannel School’s Eco Patch is an innovative project to create a learning facility that will help pupils in Cornwall bridge the gap in the understanding of cultivation and the environment around them. The unique building incorporates elements from the surrounding environment and provides an engaging setting for classroom learning – raising awareness about the importance of the surrounding eco-system whilst educating pupils on its conservation.


Preserving Cornwall’s spirit

Cornwall is renowned for its quaint, idyllic settings and dramatic coastline. Beautiful stone cottages and coastal properties are set against stunning beach landscapes and rural countryside. As design trends change, many of these traditional building styles and sourced-materials run the risk of being lost, but with focused architectural development that is respectful of the region’s rich heritage, some of Cornwall’s most well-known features can be preserved for years to come.


Find out more about green architecture in Cornwall

Each of our designs is carefully considered to be respectful and in-keeping with the surrounding environment, ensuring that Cornwall’s beautiful coastal stretches and countryside are preserved for generations to come. To find out more about the work we do, visit our projects page, here.


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