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The front view of a modern garage conversion
Marraum Architects05-Aug-2021 11:02:002 min read


Small homes can have a big impact on our lives. They’re becoming increasingly popular as people grow more conscious about their use of space and how it affects the world around them.

That’s not to say that downsizing means downscaling. On the contrary, there are ways of maximising small house renovations to make your home feel like a rich, plentifully equipped space.


Implement ‘invisible’ storage

Making smart use of space in a more restrictive setting is much easier when storage is cleverly tucked away. Hidden drawers and storage areas in otherwise dead space will go a long way; think of wall panels that can be opened like a closet, drawer space under beds, bookshelves that can fold in on themselves, or even a bed that folds up on a hinge to reveal a desk on the underside.

For small house renovations, skilled architects are experienced at pioneering new and inventive ways to use space. Every space has unique possibilities, and your architect can help uncover them for you.


Use natural light to enhance your perception of space

Natural lighting is a remarkable means of making spaces feel larger. Installing wider windows – as well as patio doors or skylights where possible – will result in a small house renovation that feels more spacious, less closed off from the surrounding world.

An architect will be able to understand how your home interacts with light throughout the day and give you options for making use of it effectively.


Create an open plan living area

If your home has multiple partitions between rooms, you might want to consider doing away with some of them in favour of an open plan area.

Every small house renovation will be different, but what remains the same is that open plan living areas – where possible – can be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise tired, enclosed living space. When you free up some of that space by trading in walls for an airy, totally customisable area, you’ll be amazed at how much it impacts the scope of your home.


Build an extension or garden office

This is the most wide-sweeping change, but an extension to your existing home – or the creation of a free-standing build in your garden – is an obvious solution. It’s an ideal choice if the other options don’t quite add the right amount of space that you need or if they don’t complement your vision as much as an extension would.

Garden offices have seen a massive increase in popularity, particularly with the rise of home working. It’s the perfect way of changing your scenery while remaining in that work-from-home zone.


Find out more about small house renovations with Marraum

At Marraum, we’re a Cornwall architects practice that can work with you to maximise your space, making the process intuitive and rewarding. Our design process makes it easy for our clients to walk with us through every step, so you’ll be right there in the action with less room for doubt about the results.


Contact us today to arrange a consultation where we can go over your needs and you can get a feel for how we work.



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