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Aerial view of 3D modern architectural design
Marraum Architects03-Sep-2020 09:39:212 min read


For many industrial businesses, expansion or renovation is an important part of growth and essential for future-proofing your organisation. Whether you’re looking for a solution to improve logistics, increasing storage capacity or expanding your business, a new or renovated building can help you achieve your goals. See some of our top tips to consider before beginning your project, here:

1. Secure planning permission in advance

It may seem obvious, but there are many challenges that may arise in your application – objections from neighbours, listed building restrictions, structural integrity and more. Ensuring that you have planning permission before proceeding with construction will prevent unnecessary costs, fines and disruption to your business.


2. Outline a detailed budget

Industrial expansions can be a costly project to undertake. From consultant fees and labour, to materials and loss of earnings during construction, you need to be confident that you’ve taken all aspects into account when creating your budget. Set aside a portion of budget for any obstacles that may arise during build – these can never be planned for, but you should always be prepared!


3. Use VR and walkthrough technology

For many industrial companies, internal and external stakeholder buy-in is an important part of getting approval for your building designs. 3D renderings, VR walkthroughs and flyovers are a powerful tool to help your audience visualise the finished designs, and gives them an immersive experience that will help delight and convert them.



4. Invest in a professional architect

Make your space work harder for you with the help of experienced professionals. Architects are experts at creating both functional and beautiful spaces that will give your business much more than just a simple expansion. The inspiration, and technical knowledge, from an architect will ensure that you get the most from your new space and that your project aligns with your overall business goals.


5. Use a project manager

Stalled, prolonged or unorganised construction projects can have a negative impact on businesses, meaning that it’s important that everything progresses as smoothly as possible with your design. Employing a project manager will guarantee you peace of mind and ensure that any challenges are navigated easily as they arise. A professional architect can fulfil the role of project manager, collaborating with suppliers and coordinating activity on site to ensure everything aligns perfectly with your vision.


6. Prepare for the interruption to manufacturing

The construction phase of your project may significantly affect your business operations, with many areas of your building operating under restrictions for a short period of time, or even having to close entirely. Understanding the impact that construction will have on your schedule will allow you to make alternative arrangements, plan for down-times and minimise disruption during daily operations wherever possible.


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