Type: New build

Location: Bolingey, Cornwall

Status: Complete

Collaboration: Client self build

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After buying a plot of land in Bolingey our clients, Sarah and Trevor, asked us to review the initial plans of their kit-build home. We quickly realised that the layout wasn’t considered for a wheel-chair user, and set about redesigning, whilst also taking the opportunity to ensure the space made the most of its surroundings.


We created a virtual reality experience that allowed us to test Sarah’s wheelchair and ensure that the space worked for her. Once approved, these designs were sent back to the manufacturer for amendments.


Trevor then built the home himself, a labour of love, with Sarah researching all the ins and outs, ensuring the family got the best ethical and environmental solutions for their budget. Embracing the aesthetic of a log cabin – resulting in a beautiful eco-friendly project that Sarah, Trevor and all the family can enjoy.