We’re taking designs off the page and putting you at the centre of your project with virtual reality (VR) technology. Explore the possibilities of your space, before the build begins.



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We’ve integrated VR technology, creating immersive landscapes you can experience first-hand.

From the comfort of our waterside office, we’ll transport you into the heart of your design. Simply put on the VR headset to walk through your space, step through doors, and even peer at the view out over the kitchen sink.

With the exact scale and perspective of your project rendered into a virtual landscape, you’re able to experience the design possibilities before they happen. From new builds to extensions, renovations to warehouses, our VR technology brings every proposal, of any size, to life.

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But it’s about more than just experiencing space beyond the drawing board. Our use of VR goes way further than the gaming realm. Instead, we’re influenced by the automobile, avionic and shipbuilding industries, where VR is used to improve design, to test practicalities, and to sharpen precision.

Incorporating VR into the design process means we’re able to remove any uncertainties from your build. Experiencing the design with a precise perspective means we can reveal all of the intricacies of your space in a way that our clients and collaborators can understand. It’s a world away from a 2D and even 3D architectural drawings.

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Embrace the possibilities

As part of Marraum’s design process, VR immersion is something we provide as standard for all our clients.

But with limitless possibilities at our fingertips, we can also tailor a heightened VR experience for you. From the leaves on trees to the textures and finishes of your furniture, our advanced VR technology option delivers true detail and depth to your project. This is about more than just seeing your space; it’s about feeling it too.

Want to experience it for yourself? Get in touch with our team to see how we can make VR part of your project.