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Marraum Architects17-Oct-2023 22:24:262 min read


Building an extension is the perfect way to breathe new life into your house. Expanding your living space and providing an extra dimension to your propertys aesthetic with a one or multiple-storey extension can be a fantastic step to crafting your dream home.

At Marraum, our team have a wealth of experience designing contemporary extensions that can transform buildings. From country cottages to urban dwellings, bungalows to townhouses, we can deliver a modern solution that enhances your living space. Take a look at our projects to inspire positive change to your living space.


Utilising modern design trends

Enjoy an extension that utilises the latest design trends. From a sleek aesthetic, to efficient and eco-friendly construction, Marraums contemporary extensions are created with an unrivalled attention to detail. Incorporate modern design trends into your extension, including:

  • Maximising natural lighting - large windows and glass-fronted spaces deliver a bright, airy space.
  • Natural materialsdesign an aesthetic that matches its natural surroundings by using locally-sourced and eco-conscious materials ensuring that your new space blends seamlessly into the wider landscape.
    Find out more about great materials to use in your extension.
  • Eco-friendly spacessustainable design is one of the biggest focuses in the architectural world currently. Green spaces, solar panels and thermal efficiency are just some of the ways green architecture can influence the design of an extension. Find out more about green architecture, here.
  • Highlighting original featuresinstead of covering antique features, modern design trends focus on highlighting the interesting features from a propertys history. From ceiling beams and unique fireplaces, to exposed brick walls and industrial windows, the original features of a building accentuate its individual character.


Maximise key family space

We believe that at the heart of each space are the people who use it. At Marraum, our team take the time to understand your story and create a space that fits your family. An extension has endless possibilities, from an office or games room, to a home theatre or family play space.  

Each space can be enhanced by its own signature features from maximising eye-widening views to inspire a home office, to creating stand out focal points in a dining area. We work with you to understand your requirements and bring more to your space, designing intricate details that will make your extension work harder for you.


Design your modern extension with our Cornwall architects today

Are you looking to bring more space to your home? Our process allows us to understand your needs and how we can best implement them. Design an extension that works for your familys needs and turn your house into your dream home with the help of our team. To get started on your project, contact our team today.


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