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Marraum Architects10-Sep-2020 16:51:002 min read


Green infrastructure will see a huge push of support from the UK government in the wake of Coronavirus, helping green-light eco-friendly architecture projects that will have a positive impact on the future of the environment.

In July, the government announced that they would be creating a successor to the Green Investment Bank, after calls from climate campaigners and economists to invest in green infrastructure. The move is expected to help the country achieve their climate targets whilst also reviving the UK’s economy after Covid-19 brought the building industry to a halt this Spring.

The UK government has committed to building a net zero carbon economy within 30-years, and it’s a sentiment that’s shared by the public – with 93% of surveyed users saying that as lockdowns ease across the country, the government and employers should be encouraging permanent lifestyle changes to cut emissions.

From sustainable materials and renewable energy systems, to carbon reduction processes and work from home spaces, green architecture gives communities the developments they need to succeed in positive change for the environment, and helps grow the economy whilst preserving the most important natural features of the surrounding environment.


Designing green architecture

Passion for protecting the future is an important part of green design. At Marraum, our team work with five key principles for eco-friendly design:

  • Investing in thermal performance
  • Maximising natural features and lighting
  • Using eco-friendly materials in build
  • Reducing and retaining energy consumption
  • Connecting with nature

Find out more about how our team harness green design as a powerful tool in our sustainability article, here.


Eco-friendly architects in Cornwall

At Marraum, our team are committed to creating green solutions that have a positive impact on the planet. We’re specialists in green design, creating sustainable solutions for a variety of homes within Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and designing innovative environmentally-friendly projects including the Eco Patch – a learning facility dedicated to bridging the gap for students at Brannel School in their understanding of cultivation and the environment.

If you have a green project that you’re interested in developing, then we’d love to hear from you. From private to commercial, contemporary to restoration, we welcome eco-friendly architecture projects of any scope. Start your green adventure with a different kind of architect practice in Cornwall. Get in touch with us today and discover how you can bring your own story of space to life.



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