A Greek Odyssey

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Sketching out the plans for a Greek holiday hideaway

A Brief Encounter

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Putting an imaginative spin on a brief meant we could emphasise instead of compromise.

Back from the brink

Back from the brink view more

Bringing a tired building back from the brink to give this family the waterside haven they’d dreamed of.

Making more of space

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A water loving family wanted to break through their bungalow’s limitations – making more of the great outdoors.

Taking the Leap

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A full Victorian terrace house renovation, a cocktail bar and a comfortable space for curling up with the cat – on a budget.

Seeing Beyond

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A family who wanted to see beyond what was in front of them, and a task to draw out a building’s potential – this was a chance for our creativity to take a lead role.

Jubilee Warehouse

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Open-sky offices illuminating new ways of working, Jubilee Warehouse was a building with a mission: to keep its budding businesses thinking.

The Barge

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A harbour tethered barge, an adventurous company and a tricky brief; the type of challenge we relish.

Bending to the Future

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A burgeoning family, a bungalow bursting at the seams and a hands-on couple with a clear vision – this was a project that hit all the right notes.

Digging Deeper

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An unfunctional and higgeldy-piggeldy home – where looking beyond the brief led to more than the owners were expecting.