“We now have an updated house, full of light. We love living here and use every bit of space that has been designed for us. There is no aspect of the design we would change.”  

The Brief

For this project we got creative – inventing better ways of working with what lay in front of us. The initial brief was wanting an extra bedroom and extended dining area, it was presumed the only way to make a dream home indoors, was to cut into the precious lawn space. Not exactly the alfresco dining experience that was dreamed of. That’s where we came in.

The Interpretation

Scoping out the neighbourhood, we soon realised many of the surrounding houses had gable roofs – which opened up the potential to add to the cramped and boxy space upstairs. We refocused the brief, drawing out plans for a light, and airy stairway and landing area, a redesigned master double, a separate bathroom, and the extra bedroom they needed – along with shed loads of storage.

With the extra rooms now making better use of the attic space, the couple no longer had to build into their garden for the additional bedroom space. This meant we only needed to build a small extension downstairs to create the indoor/outdoor dining experience they’d always wanted – and the space to stretch their legs too.

The Outcome

Now, alongside the clients' great taste combining fine-wood finishes, organic textures and all-round great style, the space we imagined is making an impact in an understated and useable way.

In fact, passing by the house from the street, you’d struggle to notice any real difference to the size of the property, which is cleverly hidden at the back. So much so, that when you walk into these new spaces, the light and space still takes you by surprise.