Lending our ears, learning more about the family and their vision, we put our heads together to develop architectural plans for something altogether new. Working from the foundations up, we kept a strong consideration for the people at the heart of the building, adapting our designs to reflect their day-to-day lives, from busy breakfasts to sacred quiet time.

The Brief

The couple needed a new roof construction, accommodating three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs as well as plenty of living space downstairs. With a great aspect overlooking a large garden and a river, they also wanted to make more of what lay beyond their walls.

The Interpretation

During the build, we were on hand to walk the pair through different options rationally, smoothing out any concerns. On one such occasion, worries arose over the dining room and snug layout. Although we weren’t officially involved in the construction process, we just happened to be making a site visit at the time. To put the couple’s minds at ease, we were able to show them two new options with our 3D design software – which helped them see a clear and exciting alternative.

The Outcome

“Working with the Märraum team has been a pleasure, they have provided a seamless service, with great communication and advice along the way. Altogether an enjoyable partnership and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

– Jon and Sophie Carter