A new move, a fresh start, a perfect location and a characterful house. With a building that had been added to throughout the years, this was a space that had left behind its functionality a long time ago. Luckily this was one family who knew what they wanted – a home they could love as much as the area they’d just moved to.

The Brief

With multiple extensions to the property over the years, parts of the building had lost their purpose, feeling at odds with the way the family wanted to use it.

Opening up the existing utility and kitchen space, they wanted to create a multi-purpose kitchen and living area, get more use out of their music room, and extend their home to include a ground-floor office space that would allow them to work from home.

The Interpretation

With careful consideration, we combined these major and extremely effective additional elements into our proposed designs to show the house’s potential. Shona and Tony were thrilled with the amount of thought we’d put in to finding better ways of reworking their space, and positively embraced these new concepts.

“It was the combination of good ideas with practical orientation and a sensitivity to budget, that had us sold that day.”

The Outcome

“We were looking for a practice that would have a fresh contemporary perspective, but would acknowledge the existing strengths of the house and see ways of building on it. Budget was an important factor – we needed someone who would be realistic as well as innovative with their proposals.

More importantly, we were looking for someone we could work with – who’d be open to our ideas but would also know when to steer us away from things and make alternative suggestions.

What impressed us about Märraum is that after walking around the house, Adam gave us some suggestions of how the house might be easily improved at a fairly minimal cost – which was not part of the original brief. It was the combination of good ideas with practical orientation and sensitivity to budget, that had us sold that day. We also really liked him and felt that Märraum would be a good team to work with.”

– Tony and Shona Mullen