Situated in a stunning location on the Cornish coast and facing south to the sun, this bungalow wasn’t making the most of its surroundings. John and his partner Frances needed some help to see its full potential. That’s where we came in.

The Brief

Faced with a small, three-bedroom derelict bungalow, we were in our element. Developing Peter Skerrett’s architectural concept design and seeing it right through to construction, we needed to marry creativity with functionality.

The Interpretation

Opening up the space, we introduced a new lightweight timber frame structure to form a well-insulated second story – giving the family room to roam. Keen to make this a comfortable and energy efficient home, we also introduced solar panels, and a fireplace in the centre of the living area. Perfect for warming toes and spirits through the winter months.

We expanded this house into a spacious and free-flowing family home. All set for many years of memory-making.

The Outcome

“The biggest, most enjoyable part was seeing the family in the warm, dry, happy space after previously living in the chilly, dark bungalow.”
– Michael, Märraum