Type: Commercial studio/ office space

Location: Penryn, Cornwall

Status: Complete

Collaboration: Peter Skerrett, Eleanor Bell, Nigel Murrey, JJ Jones & Sons, 

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Working with the designs of another architectural designer, Cornwall-based Peter Skerrett, we took the concept and ran with it all the way from the first brick to the last pane of glass. Combining top quality design elements with a sustainable ethos and a community spirit, this building had grand ambitions.


Passionate about creating spaces that call for togetherness, Andrew, of Robotmother envisaged a place that could house the bustle of Penryn’s creative community and deliver inspiration at every turn.
Following the tune of Peter Skerrett’s original design, we were set the task of creating 13 high quality workspaces set around a central atrium in the ERDF Convergence funded Jubilee Warehouse. As there was no outside space, it was important to Andrew to create a communal space that worked. So we set about conjuring a light and airy working environment that encouraged boundless thinking.


Bringing in our technical experience, we worked with Peter’s original designs and formed a cost efficient plan for the build. Deciding to play with the space between the walls of the original structure and restricting the construction to one story, instead of two, also made room for a spacious design that felt more inline with Andrew’s original vision.
The building phase always has the potential to unearth hidden complications. The site was built above an old dock, which we had planned to fill in. This became a far more costly job than we had imagined – which is where our earlier cost cutting came in handy.
From electric vehicle charging points, photo-voltaic panels and rainwater harvesting to underfloor heating and external insulation, we met Andrew’s ambition for an eco conscious space with a striking piece of sustainable architecture. And with a glazed central atrium and kitchen, and a direct view from the front door through to the river beyond, we created a place tailored for collaboration, too.
“The project has been a big success. All the units are rented out, there is a good buzz about the place and positive feedback from the tenants.”


There was abundant interest in the units when the build was completed. Now 13 companies enjoy ping-pong for limber lunch times, a glazed central atrium for meetings and brainstorms and a communal kitchen for conversations to thrive. This space is all about its community – and the inspiration that flows within its walls.
“We have used Marraum for two unique & demanding construction projects – an office construction on top of a 1941 concrete barge hull, and the conversion of a 1950s warehouse to high quality studio space. Marraum provided visionary architectural skills, as well as an attention to detail and perseverance through the whole construction process. The spaces we have created with Marraum have surpassed all the design criteria we established at the projects’ inception, and have been admired and enjoyed by all who encounter them. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services, or using them for future projects.” - Andrew Marston, Robotmother


Cornwall Sustainability Award for Best Built Environment Retro FitManaging Director Andrew Marston was delighted with the company’s achievement, saying “Jubilee Warehouse is a great, sustainable building and we’re very proud of it. The converted 1950’s warehouse achieved BREEAM excellent, beyond the level expected for this sort of retrofit, and it’s a beautiful place for our tenants to work in.”