Type: Full House Renovation and Garden Studio

Location: Crantock, Cornwall

Status: In Progress

Collaboration: Cloverfield Construction, Martin Perry Associates

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Work. Life. Balance.

Modern, clean and well-thought-out architecture was at the forefront of this project. Our client was seeking a unique haven that brought together the threads of their active lifestyle and forward-thinking career – with a space that reflected both of these elements.


Working closely with the client, we crafted a concept that allowed for a connection to the outdoors and a considered approach to space. This process meant that we could create a living area that allowed the client to fulfil their passion for life, and deliver a project that was so much more than just a traditional extension. The additional commissioning of a combined home studio and wellbeing room adds to the approach, allowing us to create an inspiring space for the client to reconnect with themselves. As part of a phased development, the team are enthusiastic to see this passion project brought to life in full.